About Tamara

Look at the beautiful colours

When I spend time in my studio I always feel that sense of romance, beauty and love. And I’m so greatful for the peaceful space that I can enjoy every day. I love making colours to enrich your life, and each little bundle of silk that I send out is sent with love and a sense of gratitude for what I get to enjoy each day and share with you.

I’ve always loved making things with my hands. From a young age I’d spend hours tucked away creating little bits of art and craft, sewing a little pouch or gluing tiny beads onto a box. The more intricate and delicate I could make it the better.

When it comes to creating things with my hands nothing has really changed, I am now just a bigger version of that little girl.

My favourite part of making silk ribbons is the ‘hand’ made element. Feeling the softness of the silk run through my fingers. Teasing out each little thread to fray the edges. Pulling the ribbon through under the iron. Tightly twisting and rolling it onto the spool and then neatly tying a pretty little bow.

It’s always so satisfying seeing each little completed ribbon standing finished on the table and knowing that I made it with my own hands.