I'm Tamara and I have a passion for elegant and romantic colours that I produce by hand by blending pigments to create the finest subtle hues.

I love spending time in my little studio that overlooks a Poinciana tree and is always filled with the chorus of delicate bird songs.

Of a morning when I enter the studio there are bundles of soft silk fabric left on the table from ribbon making the day before. It's always a delight to see the unexpected combination of colours and hues and how they dance together.

Feeling the silk move effortlessly through my fingers as it floats and glides around gives me a sense of gratification and warmth that is hard to explain.

When I spend time in my studio I always feel that sense of romance, beauty and love. And I’m so greatful for the peaceful space that I can enjoy every day. I love making colours to enrich your life, and each little bundle of silk that I send out is sent with love and a sense of gratitude for what I get to enjoy each day and share with you.