Silvery Sky - Unfrayed Silk Ribbon
Silvery Sky - Unfrayed Silk Ribbon

Silvery Sky - Unfrayed Silk Ribbon

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Classic silver grey hue.

This ribbon is available in two lengths 3m and 20m (designed for industry professionals). It is cut on the bias to create a natural flow and drape, with a fine seam approximately every 2m. The edge is smooth for a more refined look.

Each batch is dyed in small lots, creating a unique one of a kind product. Batches may vary slightly from previous lots and have a subtle difference in tone.

All ribbon is hand wound around a beautifully finished wooden spool, so you will not need to iron out any creases before use. If you wish to iron your ribbon it can be pressed using medium heat with either an iron or hair straightener.

Please note colours vary from monitor to monitor, so the silk ribbon may vary slightly from what you see on your screen.

If you are not sure about the colour and would like to see it before ordering. A colour swatch is an ideal way to determine if the colour is right for you.